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Attractions Link Limited was incorporated under the company’s act of Jamaica by the Registrar Of Companies, to operate business in Jamaica.  Its directors, Janette and Lorenzo Murdock, have always wanted to have a business in tourism.  With this in mind, they took the opportunity to have there new company trading in the field of Tourism, as Attractions Link Tourism Services

With a lot in mind, the young couple proceeded on a path towards growth and development.  Their main objectives were to pave a way by being role models for other youngsters in and around their community who would want to be future entrepreneurs.  Within a year, an application was made to the Jamaica Tourist Board for a license which would allow the company to trade in tourism services.  This application was approved and the license was granted. 

This has afforded the company to operate a Domestic Tour Business, providing a complete Tourist Destination Management Services within the Jamaican Tourism Sector.  Attractions Link Tourism Services has always been very active in familiarization trips for Travel Agents and overseas Tour Operators who were invited to the Island by hotels such as Dragon Bay Resort, Hotel Mocking Bird Hill, Jamaica Palace, Trident Villas and Hotel, in collaboration with the Jamaica Tourist Board.

It is the belief of its directors that all visitors to Jamaica are special and should be treated as such.”  Hence, the designing of different types of Vacation Packages, day tours and activities which cater to the desire of visitors from various countries around the world to include Jamaicans, is a constant practice by its directors.  Through out the period of operating, Attractions Link Tourism Services has succeeded in establishing a reputation for unparalleled professionalism and for the innovative services it has offered to its clients.  

Over the years, Attractions Link Tourism Services has been regarded by overseas tour operators, travel agents and individual travelers alike, as the most preferred Tourist Destination Management Services Operator in Jamaica.   Whereas the provisions of Vacation Packages for all individuals and groups are perused; this company’s aim is also to cater to the interests of sincere NATURALISTS and persons who are interested in Birds, butterflies, crocodiles, plants and herbs as well as cycling, hiking and our diverse culture, including that of the maroons.  

This medium is currently used by Attractions Link Tourism Services to help market Jamaica in highlighting Jamaica's 29 endemic bird species to bird watching interests from around the world, giving them twenty nine (29) additional reasons to visit Jamaica.  By doing this, they will have the opportunity of experiencing bird watching in Jamaica.  Today, its directors are happy to say that Attractions Link Tourism Services has moved to a pre-eminent position as one of the island's most reliable ground operator for individuals, groups and incentive travelers.

Attractions Link Limited is a company incorporated under the companies act of Jamaica to operate business in Jamaica since 1994.  Attractions Link is also licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board to operate and conduct tourism related businesses since 1994. 

Our Services

This series of information serves to identify the coverage of services offered by ATTRACTIONS LINK TURISM SERVICES to visitors travelling to Jamaica.  In its quest to accomplish a top level recognition and to be able to provide first class services in all areas of tourism, its directors have noted carefully and strategically the following areas in witch to serve its customers.

Being a complete Tourist Destination Management Company, Attractions Link Tourism Services is constantly searching and finding new ways of how to promote Jamaica as one of the World's top Tourist Destinations at affordable costs in order to attract more visitors to Jamaica.   Currently, Attractions Link offers over fifteen (15) full service vacation and tour packages to visitors travelling to Jamaica. 

These are five (5) bird watching vacation packages which are designed to afford birdwatchers the opportunity of seeing Jamaica's twenty eight endemic bird species.  Also two (2) cycling vacation packages which are designed to allow different level of cyclists to have their Winter Holidays in Jamaica and to be able to train and race during their stay here. In addition to the previous vacation packages mentioned, there are two leisure vacations which are designed to afford leisure travelers the opportunity of having one or two weeks vacation in a Jamaican in the resort area of their choice.  For more information, please see our navication sitemap.

Transportation form an integral part of our destination management services.  For over eighteen (18) years, Attractions Link Limited has been transporting groups and individuals, from Jamaica and overseas, staying in hotels, villas, and guest houses.  These transportation arrangements are made by other tour operators, travel agents, accommodation operators and the travelers themselves.  During these years, over eighty percent (80%) of the transportation services done for Hotel Mocking Bird Hill, Jamaica Palace, Frenchmans Cove and other accommodation venues in and around the Port Antonio area, were done by Attractions Link Limited.  

Our transportation services are operated from both of Jamaica's International Airports, to accommodation venues in Kingston, Montego Bay, NegrilPort Antonio, Treasure Beach plus other inland communities around Jamaica. If you are travelling to Jamaica, or already here in Jamaica, or even living in Jamaica, Attractions Link Tourism Services is here and ready to provide first class transportation services at the lowest rates you can find anywhere in the world.   Please contact us regarding special discounts in regards to this service.

Day Tours and other Activities are also offered by Attractions Link Limited.  If your vacation is all expense paid, after breakfast on the following morning of your arrival, our hotel representative will inform you of the departure time and dates for the respective tours and activities which are includes in your vacation package.  If your vacation is not all expense paid, during your meeting with our representative, you will be able to inquire, reserve or book your desired day tours and other activities without hassle.  You may be familiar with the daytime activities which we offer by being on our website.

While you are on your holidays, you will want to keep your mind free of encumbrances.  Most hotels around the world these days, provides internet access. You can also use this medium to refresh your memory regarding these activities, along with help from our hotel representatives.  For vacationers travelling as individuals or in groups staying in a hotel, villa, guest house or a family home in any of our resort areas, you can visit or contact our reservation office in the resort area closest to where you are staying  regarding  joining one of our day tours or activities such as bird watching, hiking, cyclingleisure or just transportation. 

If you are unable to make it to any of our offices, one of our representatines will visit your place of accommodation in order to assist you in accumulating additional information regarding these services.  If you are a keen birder or just do birdwatching as a hobby, you can join one or more of our bird watching day tours to any or all of Jamaica's natural sanctuaries.  This venture will afford you the opportunity of learning about Jamaica's 28 endemic bird species and the habitats they can be found.  

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