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Birding excursions or single day tours.

During the planning of your vacation to Jamaica, or while you are on your holiday in any of the resort areas listed below, think of spending some time in one of the island's many forests enjoying the peace and quietness while viewing the many beautiful birds that flock various habitats.  If you are holidaying in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, Attractions Link Tourism Services promotes and operates four (4) single day birding excursions or single day tours to four (4)  major bird watching areas which includes different habitats in Jamaica. 

These birding excursion packages are designed for birdwatchers who are vacationing in the above mentioned parts of Jamaica and would like to have a day's outing to one or more of the following areas, birding in the many tropical habitats which are located in various areas of the island.  If you are arriving by cruise ship or vacationing in Montego Bay, Negril, Falmouth, Discovery Bay, Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios, it is recommended that you join one of our bird watching single-day tours to the Cockpit Country

If you are holidaying in Kingston or Port Antonio, we recommend that you join one of our single-day birding tours to the Blue Mountains.  If you are arriving by cruise ship, private yacht or vacationing in Port Antonio, we are recommending that you join one of our single-day birding tour to the upper John Crow Mountains or the lower John Crow Mountains. These areas have superb habitats that are havens to all of Jamaica's endemic bird species, endemic sub species migrant species, resident species and vagrant species. 

In order to be sure of seeing as many of these bird species as possible, Attractions Link Tourism Services have trained a team of knowledgeable birding guides who are of the highest quality.  These guides are highly educated, experienced, talented, tolerable and patient.  They are prepared to do their best to facilitate our clients and take them to the most flocked parts of the areas mentioned.  Our knowledgeable birding guides have studied the areas and forest numerous times in order to be able to deliver their best in terms of the exact spots to be at the right time during whatever weather conditions. 

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