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Birding excursions or single day tours.

Attractions Link Tourism Services is currently promoting Four (4) single day birding excursions or tours to four (4)  major bird watching habitats in Jamaica.  These packages are designed for birdwatchers who are vacationing in various parts of Jamaica and would like to have a day's outing to one or more of the following areas, birding numerous tropical habitats.  These areas are, the Cockpit Country, northern Blue Mountains, central Blue Mountains, southern Blue Mountains, lower John Crow Mountains and upper John Crow Mountains.  These areas have suburb habitats that are havens to all of Jamaica's endemic bird species, endemic sub species migrant species, resident species and vagrant species. 

In order to be sure of seeing as many of these bird species as possible, Attractions Link Tourism Services have trained a team of birding guides who are of the highest quality.  These guides are highly educated, experienced, tolerable and patient.  They are prepared to do their best to facilitate our clients with the highest quality of bird watching services in Jamaica.  When birders are exploring these forests, it is always good to have the assistance of a Knowledgeable local guide who constantly study these forest nuberous times in order to be able to deliver their best in terms of the exact spots to be at the right time during whatever weather conditions. 

At Attractions Link Tourism Services, we make sure that we provide the right guide to suit each occasion, weather condition and tour duration.  If you are not a keen bird watcher and would like to experience and enjoy bird watching in Jamaica, you are also welcome.  Our patient and experienced bird watching guides will be happy to help you along.  Please note the three briefings which will introduce these tours then follow the link to the respective pages.

Experience and enjoy over eight (8) hours of birding in the various forests of the Blue Mountains.

If you are holidaying in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, our birding team at Attractions Link Tourism Services will be happy to share their knowledge with by having you joining one of our single day bird watching tours to one of the three birding hotspots which are located in the Blue Mountain range of eastern Jamaica.   Enjoy Jamaica's Blue Mountains and its natural forests.  Enjoy a cup of fresh Blue mountain coffee then test your chances of seeing most of Jamaica's 28 endemic birds in the northern, central or southern Blue Mountains. 

Your guide will be happy to meet in the lobby of your hotel in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio then drive you to the habitat nearest to your accommodation site.  Here you will bird for about eight (8) hours.  Along with your bird watching, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the deep valleys from the ridges of various mountains.  See an abondance of waterfalls.  Read more....

Experience and enjoy over eight (8) hours birding in various forests of the Cockpit Country

If you are holidaying in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Discovery Bay or any where on Jamaica's south coast, we will be happy to have you joining one of our single day birding tours to the northern or centural Cockpit Country.  See more of Jamaica's interior by getting away from the beach.  Enjoy the hills and valleys of the Cockpit Country.  Meet the people of west centeral hills of Jamaica and learn about the history. 

Bird watching for a day in the Cockpit Country is one worth doing, as birding in these forests can be a little easier than those of the eastern bird habitats.  You ears will not go to rest as they are constantly bothered by the loud carks of the Black-billed Parrots, Yellow-billed Parrots, Jamaican Crows, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoos, the gliding Chestnut-bellied Cuckoos, Red-tailed Hawks!  Good fortunes may also be on your side to view a perched or circling Crested Caracara.  Read more....

Experience and enjoy over eight (8) hours of birding in the forests of the lower John Crow Mountains.

If you are holidaying in Port Antonio, we will happy to have you joining one of our single day bird watching tours to the Ecclesdown forests.   Enjoy eastern Jamaica's natural forests at their best.  Here we will test our chances of seeing a large number of Jamaica's 29 endemic birds in one location.  Bird watching in this fantastic area of Jamaica is fascinating!  After meeting your guide in the lobby of your hotel, private villa, guest house, hostel or local resident; anywhere in Port Antonio, you will be driven to the forests of the lower John Crow Mountains where you will bird all morning for about eight (8) hours .

After two to two and a half hours of birding, your birding will be interrupted by the introduction of a delitious breakfast which will be served in the middle of the forest overlooking valleys and plains.  While having your breakfast, you will have the opportunity of watching the various birds to include both Endemic Parrots, Ring-tailed Pigeons, Jamaican Crows, perched and in flight.  After having your delicious coffee, toast and fruits, your hands will be freed again to handle your binoculars during the busy period as birds moove around swiftly to gather food before the day's heat builds up.  Read more.... 

Experience and enjoy over eight (8) hours of birding in the hilly forests of the upper John Crow. Mountains

From your boat in the Errol Flynn Marina or any hotel, villa, guest house, hostel, local resident or any other accommodation venue in Port Antonio, we will be happy to have you joining one of our single day bird watching tours to the forests of the upper John Crow Mountains.   Enjoy eastern Jamaica's natural forests at their best, this time in a slightly higher elevation.  Test your chances of seeing a large number of Jamaica's 28 endemic birds in one location.  Bird watching in these forests is fantastic especially the views of the Black-billed Parrots, Yellow-billed Parrots, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoos, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoos, Caribbean Doves.

Birding in this area is a bit easier than the lower John Crow Mountains as the trees are shorter being that they are situated on more ridges than in deep valleys.  The forest here is less dense.  This makes it easier to spot and have good views of the smaller species as they dash about swiftly hunting for food.  These forests are known as homes for the shy Yellow-shouldered Grass-quit, White-eyed Thrush and Crested Quail-dove.  Read more....