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See More Of Jamaica and its 29 Endemic Birds

Are you planning a birding holiday or a holiday to include bird watching soon?  If so, please take notice of the four (4) multi-days birding tours which are currently promoted and operated by Attractions Link Tourism Services, to persons of birding interest, travelling to Jamaica!  See more of Jamaica while birding than just being in one place.  These multi-day birding tours allow our birders to have more time for comfortable birding which ensures more positive results.  

At Attractions Link Tourism Services, our birding vacation and tour planners are keen about the interest of each birder and the results they get while birding in Jamaica.  Having this knowledge, our birding experts are happy to share Jamaica's birding wealth with birders internationally.  This Caribbean birding gem have recorded over 300 bird species to include our 29 endemic species, 18 endemic subspecies plus winter migrants, residents, transients and vagrant species. 

This has made our promotion of Jamaica's birding more vital to all birdwatchers Worldwide, all year-round.  This Caribbean Island consists of a wide range of botanical gardens, dry-forest, mountainous regions, tropical forests, ponds, rivers and wet-land habitats which have allowed Jamaica to have more endemic species than all the other Caribbean islands combined.  These areas are preserved to provide numerous eco-adventure activities to include excellent birding, any time of the year. 

If you are visiting Jamaica for a short holiday, you are invited to join one of our four days birding tour of northern Jamaica which highlights the northern areas, bird habitats and all of Jamaica's endemic birds.  Take one of our six days birding tour of eastern Jamaica, before or after spending some time at one of Jamaica's top resorts.  See a greater portion of Jamaica's birdlife, geography, people and culture, when you bird with us on one of our eight days birding tour across Jamaica.  This magnificent multi-day birding tour is a must do for all persons of birding interest.

Take a relaxing fifteen days vacation in Jamaica which allow you to bird with us on our ten days birding tour around Jamaica.  This tour allows you to see over eighty percent of Jamaica's birding habitats and its twenty nine (29) endemic bird species, towns, villages, and much more.  This tour also allow you to experience birding while rafting on the Rio Grande and the Black River Safari.  If you wish to customizing your own birding holiday package to your likeness, we are here and ready to assist you in doing so!  Please contact us regarding your Jamaica birding tour now!

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Learn The Names Of Jamaica 29 Endemic Birds

These species of birds are, Arrow Headed Warbler, Ring-tailed Pigeon, Black-billed Streamer-tailed Humming-bird, Red-billed Streamer-tail Humming-bird, Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Woodpecker, Jamaican Eleania, White Eyed Thrush, White Chinned Thrush, Blue Mountain Vireo, Jamaican Vireo, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Owl, Crested Quail-dove, Chestnut Bellied Cuckoo, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo, Orange-quit, Jamaican Blackbird, Jamaican Pewee, Jamaican Striped-headed Tanager, Jamaican Parakeet, Sad Fly-catcher, Yellow-shouldered Grass-quit, Jamaican Mango Humming-bird, Jamaican Becard, Yellow-billed Parrot, Black-billed Parrot, Rufus-tailed Fly-catcher, Jamaican Crow

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