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Highlighting Our Northern Sea-ports

During the early 1890s, numerous voyages were made across the Atlantic Ocean by ships, transporting bananas from Jamaica to England.  In order to make each voyage worthwhile, these ships also transported many tourists to Jamaica from the United Kingdom.  Jamaica's Tourism Trade, actually started by way of this!  At that time over eighty percent (80%) of Jamaica's Bananas were shipped from the small seaside town of Port Antonio

Between the early 1900s to the 1981, the small town of Port Antonio was Jamaica's premier visitors paradise.  In fact, it was during the year 1938 Errol Flynn instigated the Rio Grande Rafting Adventure; upbraiding bamboo rafts which was then used to transport bananas down-rive to these seen now with seats that are currently used to transport tourist down-river.  Since the early to mid 1980s, the idea of getting more cruise ship visitors to Jamaica gradually drifted westwards to Ocho Rios, then Montego Bay and currently, Falmouth.

From that time to date, a large fraction of Jamaica's revenue by way of tourism comes from cruise-shipping.  Following this introduction are four information blocks, highlighting Jamaica's four (4) major cruise-ship ports which are located on the north coast of Jamaica.  If you are a visitor who will be visiting Jamaica by way of cruise ship to any of the following ports, please feel free to contact Attractions Link Tourism Services regarding our various services which are provided for cruise-ship visitors to these ports. 

Activities, Attractions and Transportation Arrangements

If you are a group organizer, member of a family or group of friends who are thinking of taking a cruise to Jamaica, Attractions Link Tourism Services will be happy to provide Jamaica's number one ground handling tourism services for you and your party!  You are welcome to view other pages of this website which will educate you further regarding the various services which are provided by this company.  By doing so we are sure that you will find areas where you will need our help in assuring you, your friends or clients the best ground handling services in activity arrangements, attractions and transportation packaging for a day in Jamaica!

If you are an overseas tour operator who promotes cruise-ship holidays for persons on one or more cruise ships visiting Jamaica, we will be happy to sign up with you in order to be your ground handler or service representative in Jamaica.  We are willing to accommodate you on familiarization you with various attractions which are in close proximity of the resort area or cruise-ship port which your clients will be disembarking and will be spending their Jamaica day or time on our welcoming shores.


Falmouth's Cruise Ship Pier

Cruise-shipping in Falmouth Jamaica started in 2010 when Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited and the Port Authority of Jamaica on a multi-phased plan to develop historic Falmouth into one of the premier, modern ports of call in the Caribbean. Visitors to Falmouth was among the first to experience the revitalization of one of the first shipping ports in the Caribbean.  This historic sea-side town, holds a rich heritage dating back more than 240 years.  This development, which is now completed, includes a two-berth pier, retail and restaurant services and a transportation center. 

Subsequent phases now include onsite attractions and experiences, hotel and residential components and additional retail and restaurant options.  From this real-time cruise-ship port, Attractions Link Tourism Services offers sightseeing tours to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios to visitors who are looking for adventerous, exciting, educational and informative day-tours.  If you are a bird watcher who are cruising to Falmouth, Attractions Link Tourism Services also offers bird watching tours from the Falmouth cruise-ship pier to the Cockpit Country which is one of Jamaica's top bird watching habitats.  Please contact us for additional information.

Montego Bay's Cruise Ship Pier

Similar to all shipping ports in Jamaica, this first-world type cruise-ship port is operated by the Port Authority of Jamaica.  Its terminal consists of five primary berths.  Two of  these berths are dedicated exclusively for cruise shipping and two of which are presently used for both cruise and cargo shipping as the Government of Jamaica has increased expenditure on major infrastructure improvements to this port in recent years.  Inside the terminal building you will find snack shops, in-bond shops, gift, specialty souvenir shops, refreshment stand. 

There is a telecommunications centre equipped with internet and WiFi facilities, telephone and fax services for cruise-ship passengers and crew.  Transportation is available from the terminal building, supervised by the Jamaica Tourist Board, which also maintains a visitor information booth.  If you are a bird watcher who are cruising to Montego Bay, Attractions Link Tourism Services offers guided birding tours and other ground handling service to include transportation and sightseeing tours from that cruise-ship pier.  In addition to this, bird watching tours from the Montego Bay cruise-ship pier to the Cockpit Country  which is one of Jamaica's top bird watching habitats is also offered.

Ocho Rios' Cruise Ship Pier

Ocho Rios was once a small fishing village until it was discovered and is now a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. In the last 20 years, Ocho Rios has developed from a small town to a thriving tourist resort. New beach land, hundreds of acres, was dredged to the south and hotels, apartment blocks, shopping centers and a marina were added to the already well-established town which hosts old hotels like Jamaica Inn and Shaw Park.  This fast developed town which its center extends four miles east of Dunn's River Falls, two miles to the west of the the White River and three miles north of Fern Gully. 

What was known to be small fishing village, is now one of Jamaica's prominent resort towns which has an expanded cruise-ship pier that hosts a modern cruise terminal with large deep water berthing space for three modern day cruise ships at a time.  Between the mid 1980s and 2010, It is rare day when the streets of Ocho Rios do not throng with cruise ship visitors and the gates of Dunns River Falls are not conveyed with long lines. 

As a cruise-ship visitor in Ocho Rios, your options for daytime activities are enormous.   You can visit attractions inside Ocho Rios such as Dunns River Falls which is a 600 ft. waterfall that falls into the Caribbean Sea. From the beach you can climb the rock staircase to get to the top of the falls.  There is also the Prospect Plantation Tour is one of the oldest-established plantation tours the island of Jamaica has to offer.  It is still a working plantation which grows a little of everything.  On this tour,  you will see tropical produce such as sugar cane, banana, cassava, avocado, and pimento. 

Pimento is an allspice produce which is the main ingredient used in the famous Jerk cuisine.  Recently, an herb garden was a introduced.  Peacocks roam the property and a horseback tour instead of a jitney tour is an option for the more energetic.  Numerous times cruise-ship visitors to Ocho Rios take excursions to the Blue Mountains, Kingston, Montego Bay or Port Antonio to avoid the overcrowding in that resort town.  Are you planning on taking a cruise to Ocho Rios in the near future?  Please contact Attractions Link Tourism Services for additional information regarding your ground activities while you are here!

Port Antonio's Cruise Ship Pier

Port Antonio is located on the northeastern shores of the island of Jamaica. It is an extraordinary harbor, located in an incredible parrish known as Portland of which Port Antonio is the capital town. This resort town is a little different from the others mention above based on development.  Where as it is grossly un-developed, it still maintains its charm and natural beauty as it constantly attracts a high level of european visitors yearly.  Cruising boats have avoided Jamaica due to its reputation for violence.  Writers of these negative reports have not gone far enough to say that most of the violence that have taken place in Jamaica, happens in the ghettos of Kingston which is Jamaica's capital city.  They have not written anything to state that these uprisings however, always happen between the Jamaicans themselves and have nothing to do with tourists.

They have not highlighted the World to the fact that Jamaica's crime rate against tourists is less than one percent (1%).  In truth, thousands of tourists arrive daily by cruise ship for daily visits and also by airplane to stay in various hotels without any difficulty.  If you choose Jamaica as a cruise destination and your preference of cruising is to cruise on one of the smaller cruise ships which are more known as elite ships, in most cases your Jamaican port of entry will be Port Antonio.  Surrounded by the close lush green lower mountains which forms a brace for the higher Blue and John Crow Mountains, you will begin to understand why Errol Flynn fell in love with this part of Jamaica.

As you make your approach towards landfall, you will see first of these northeastern Jamaica's mountain ranges in all of their majesty.  During your approach, you will see the Folly Lighthouse welcoming you.  This lush, untouched and unspoiled part of Jamaica, has a secure harbor with wonderful protected anchoring as well as comfortable berthing.  Regarding the berthing facilities, these are the Ken Wright Cruise-ship Pier, Errol Flynn marina and boatyard.  These facilities are owned and operated by the Port Authority of Jamaica and are managed, supervised and nurtured by a capable staff who are always welcoming and anxious to please.  

Port Antonio allows its visitors to access extraordinary beaches and unique spots.  Take a tour with us on our Port Antonio's east coast and rain forest tour which allows you to visit the Blue Lagoon, Long Bay Beach, Boston Bay and Reich Falls.  Experience hiking in the Rio Grande Valley, combined with rafting, or just taking a leisure tour to include river rafting down the Rio Grande.  If you are a bird watcher who are cruising to Port Antonio, Attractions Link Tourism Services offers bird watching tours from the Port Antonio cruise-ship pier to nearby natural bird sanctuaries which are listed among Jamaica's top bird watching habitats.  Please contact us for additional information.  

Very close to the cruise-ship pier, there is an open market where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that are so varied and so colorful as to have you believe they are artificial.  This market also has a crafts area which you will find interesting and highly creative art items for you to purchase as souvenirs.  We do look forward to seeing you in Port Antonio!! 

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