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Janaica's Culture and History

This page is geared to guide our guests towards getting precise information on Jamaica, its history, people and culture.  While going through these paragraphs, you as a guest, will get direction to where and how you can obtain eyes-on knowledge pertaining various facts regarding Jamaica's first people, the arrival of the Spaniards, the invasion of Jamaica by the British, slavery, rebellions, emancipation, independence, Jamaica's government and politics.

Get interesting facts about the Maroons, and how this group of people planned and work together to make their wishes became successful while they were constantly running away from slavery.  This practice started as far back from the arrival of the Spaniards after they actually muzzled the island of Jamaica from the Taino Indians who were called Arawack Indians.  Actually, Arawak, was their language.  Learn about the struggle they had with Spaniards and what happen between both groups before the arrival of the British when you experience one of our cultural vacations or day tour excursions.

Cultural Vacation

This four nights, five days cultural vacation allows our visitors to meet and be the people of Jamaica who are living in original Jamaica.  Apart from being in a luxurious hotel on the beach orn a clustered town, you can have a few days in the wee hills of Jamaica experiencing a refereshing  atmosphere by feeling the mountain winds, listening and watching birds belonging to Jamaica's 28 endemic species, have 100% Blue Mountain coffee straight from the Farm, swimming in natural pools, and showering without soap under natural waterfalls.  Read more.... 

Maroon Village Tours

This series of information relates to various tours which allows our guests to have a day in any of our Maroon Villages learning about the maroon culture, experiencing indigenous dishies and music, learn folk dances and making new friends.  Currently, Attractions Link Limited is promoting one (1) day tour to the  Charles Town Maroon village  and one (1) day tour to the Moore Town Maroon Village

From your accommodation venue in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio, you are welcome to join one of our day-tours/excursions to the Charles Town Maroon Village.  Here you will learn more about Jamaica's history, the Maroon people and their lifestyle.  Your day-tour/excursion also include a hike to an eighteen century coffee processing plant and lunch.  Read more... 

From your accommodation venue in Port Antonio, you are also welcome to join one of our day-tours/excursions to the Maroon Village of Moore Town.  In Moore Town you will have achance to sit and talk with the Colonel of the Moore Town Maroons befor visiting the Nanny Waterfalls.  Read more....

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