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Cycling in Jamaica

Enjoy exciting and adventurous cycling tours and vacation packages for individuals, families and active cycling groups.  These cycling facilitated and activities are promoted by Attractions Link Tourism Services and are managed and supervised by Lorenzo Murdock (Wayne) who has represented Jamaica in the sport of cycling at the 1986 Union of Cycling International's (UCI's) World Cycling Championships which were held in Colorado Springs United States of America, as well as the 1984 Olympic Games which were held in Los Angeles United States of America.  Lorenzo had represented Jamaica in other major cycling races in numerous championships around the World.  

If you are a cyclist who just go riding for fun and exercise, race moderately, or professionally, you are invited to join one of the cycling tours or purchase one of the cycling vacation packages which are promoted by Attractions Link Tourism Services.  These cycling activities can serve as off season training for professional cyclists, recreation for families or educational bike rides for explorers.  Please contact us about the ultimate bicycle day-trip or the top Jamaican cycling vacation packages just for you.  You are also welcome to tailor-made your own cycling vacation package. 

Cycling Vacation Packages

If you are a cyclist who may be interested in spending your off season in a warmer climate, you are most welcome to join one of our cycling vacation packages to Jamaica next autumn and winter.  It would be great to travel to Jamaica as a single cyclist with your family, another friend, your cycling club or team to somewhere warmer in order for you to stay in shape for the 2014 cycling season.

Below, you will find two interesting cycling training programs which are outlined in the form of vacation packages.  These vacation packages offers to cyclist the opportunity of riding every day in order to keep momentum of putting their mileage for long races when the cycling season starts in 2014.  If you are a casual cyclist who just want to have a week off with your family and bicycle, our cycling specialist will be able to tailor your request to suit your cycling desire. 

These vacation packages are:-

  • Seven nights eight days Cycling Vacation package for professional and casual riders, inclusive of round-trip airport transfers, accommodations, meals, access fees to nearby attractions that are listed in this package, support vehicles on rides to nearby attractions that are listed in this package.
  • Fourteen nights fifteen days Cycling Vacation package for professional racers, inclusive of round-trip airport transfers, accommodations, meals, access fees to the attractions that are listed in this package, support vehicles on rides to the attractions that are listed in this package, plus two (2) community bicycle races.

For more information regarding these vacation packages please contact us.

Cycling Tour Packages

Welcome to the cycling section of our website.  Your visit is important to us.  Information regarding our cycling day tours will be up soon.  Please feel free to contact us regarding any information you may need. Thanks for making it Attractions Link Tourism Services.