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Tour of Kingston From Ocho Rios/Port Antonio

Jamaica's capital city Kingston, is located on the southeastern side of the island.  This historic city has a population of over nine hundred thousand (900,000) people.  With its rich history and interesting sites to visit, vacationers to Jamaica can join one of our day tours from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio to our capital city.  From your hotel in any of these two resort areas, you will be picked up by your driver on your tour date and be taken back to your place of accommodation at the end of your tour.  From both Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, you will be enthused by the blue Caribbean Sea as you ride along the coastline.

From the ocean-line, you will enjoy the lush hills as you make your way to the big city.  You will enjoy interesting stops or photo opportunity as you go along.  One of these stops is the Castleton Botanical Gardens which is located halfway across the lower mountains.  While in this historic city, you are welcome to visit various historical sites such as the Bob Marley Museum which was the first mansion of the Reggae star, Culture Yard he was grown up and learnt to play the guitar, Devon House which was the residence of Jamaica's first black millionaire and what is left of Port Royal which the home of the buccaneers. 

While on this information packed excursion, take the time to view various parts of the inner city as you drive along.  Make notes of what you learn at each site visited; as the information given is highly educational in regards to history relating to culture, music, politics and the people in general.  We would want to have our visitors visiting more sites than these.  However, time will not permit us to do so.

If you have travelled from Ocho Rios, on your way back to that resort town, you will be taken on the highway that goes across the John Figueroa Mountains.  An evening's drive across this area is highly fascinating.  If you have travelled from Port Antonio, on your way back to that resort town, you will be traveling around the east coast of Jamaica.  This rout is highly scenic with various views of the Caribbean Sea.  We do hope you will find this tour attracting and interesting. 

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Cost for this guided tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • All access costs. 
  • One lunch per person.

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