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Day Tour Of Port Antonio

Are you planning on visiting Jamaica?  Apart from inviting you to our beautiful Jamaica, we are also inviting you to the most beautiful part of Jamaica, which is in fact, Port Antonio.  If you are holidaying in Kingston or Ocho Rios, you are most welcome to join one of our leisure excursions from any of these two resort area to the part of Jamaica which is visited known by numerous travellers from all over the World to be the most naturally beautiful, has it is enriched with lush vegetation, natural attractions and depict a usual laid back atmosphere. 

This part of Jamaica is clothed with lush green, vegetation which gives arriving explorers, visitors and vacationers a warm welcome to its laidback atmosphere which is engulfed in natural beauty and accommodating people.  From your hotel or any other place of accommodation, you will be met by one of our representatives then set off on your most luxurious adventure in Jamaica.  Enjoy great views of the town's twin harbours.  Have a stroll through the Errol Flynn's Marina.  Take a slow drive through Titchfield and learn more about that area before venturing along the Port Antonio's East Harbour, on the way to the World's renown Blue Lagoon. 

After having a swim as Brook Shields did, you will be taken to Boston Bay for lunch.  Taste the real Jerk Pork or Chicken which is done the original way, just as the Maroons did it in the mountains during their hiding from slavery.  From here, you will be taken to the Rio Grande Valley for your experience of Rio Grande Rafting experience which is the first bamboo rafting operation in Jamaica.  Enjoy your seven miles of  pleasure while you leisurely drift down-river.  Take a dip at various points where natural swimming pools constantly appear.

Get your authentic home-style Jamaican meal consist of freshwater fish, crayfish, shrimp, brown stewed chicken are just some of the delicious meals to have for lunch half-way down-river.  Please note that there are two lunch options on this tour.  These options are lunch at Boston Bay or halfway downriver.  Additional information can be obtained by viewing the Port Antonio Jamaica page.  Please feel free to contact us regarding anything that is listed and is not clear to you.  We look forward to having you exploring this beautiful part of Jamaica with us.

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Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation relative to this tour.
  • All access fees to attractions/activities listed in this package per person. 
  • One lunch per person.

For more information please contact us using the information provided.

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