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Your four days birding tour of northern Jamaica guarantees 29 endemic bird species.

From your home outside of Jamaica, your home in Jamaica, your luxury resort, small hotel, guest house or private villa in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Discovery Bay or Port Antonio, come experience and enjoy the beauty of northern Jamaica while birding on a three (3) nights Four (4) days birding tour which visits the most natural and bird-flocked parts of the island of Jamaica.  This short birding tour is packaged and designed for persons who are visiting Jamaica and would like to have a short multiday birding tour that take birders to various parts of the island. 

This four (4) days birding tour is also geared to the likes of persons who are visiting Jamaica for longer periods to include a leisure vacation for mainly relaxation and would also like to have a short multiday birding tour before or after their few days in a luxury resort or other places of accommodation anywhere in Jamaica.  This birding tour package is also designed to suit individuals or groups of persons who are tight budgeted and still would like to see Jamaica's twenty nine (29) endemic birds and other species of birds in four days.  With this in mind, Attractions Link Tourism Services have featured its shortest multiday bird watching tour which leads a series of four (4) birding vacations.  If you are holidaying in Jamaica or visiting for any major or minor events, you can combine this short birding adventure with your desired vacation. 

Accommodation sites that you will enjoy staying during your four days birding tour of northern Jamaica.

For three (3) nights and four (4) days, you our valued birders will be accommodated in two (2) accommodation venues which are very close to the woodland habitats they will be doing most of their birding.  This will eliminate long driving between places of accommodation and birding hotspots.  Your tow nights in northeastern Jamaica will be at a birding lodge which is located on the eastern suburb of Port Antonio.  This birding lodge has a swimming pool, numerous fruit trees, gardens with flowering plants, forests areas with canopy-like walkways that attract several endemic, migrant, resident and vagrant species. 

While in the northern Blue Mountains, you will be accommodated at another lodge with similar amenities.  This lodge is very close to three major forested areas which on most occasions, hosts all the rare endemic species.  From these locations, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing experiences of delicious food, fine birding from the balconies of these lodges plus outdoor birding in various areas of roadside, river mouth, seashore, ponds, garden and woodland habitats.

Areas and habitats you will visit and birds you can see during your four days birding tour of northern Jamaica

During this four days birding adventure, you explore Jamaica's northern coasts, towns, villages, gardens, mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, while in pursuit of it's unique twenty nine (29) endemic birds, its 18 endemic subspecies, plus various migrant and resident species, while soaking up some of Jamaica's beach, food, sun and natural attractions.  You will also visit the less dense woodland forests of the northern Cockpit Country, the moist forests of the lower John Crow Mountains, upper John Crow Mountains, the northern Blue Mountains and the central Blue Mountains.  You will enjoy birding at ponds, river mouths, gardens and woodland areas surrounding your lodges.    

You target birds will mainly be Jamaica's twenty nine (29) endemic species being that you have a short time.  These are Arrow-headed Warbler, Black-billed Streamer-tail Hummingbird, Red-billed Streamer-tail Hummingbird, Jamaican Mango Hummingbird, Jamaican Blackbird, Crested Quail-dove, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Jamaican Crow, Jamaican Owl, Jamaican Elaenia, Jamaican Oriole, Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Spindalis or striped- headed Tanager, Jamaican Woodpecker, Jamaican Vireo, Blue Mountain Vireo, Black-billed Parrot, Yellow-billed Parrot, Jamaican Parakeet, Rufus-tailed Flycatcher, Sad Flycatcher, Jamaican Pewee, Jamaican Becard, Ring-tailed Pigeon,  Yellow-shouldered Grass-quit, White-chinned Thrush, White-eyed Thrush and Jamaican Euphonia. 

Other top birds that you will want to see are: Black Whiskered Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Caribbean Dove, White-winged Dove, Plane Pigeon, Rufus-throated Solitaire, White-tailed Tropicbird.  Depending on your physical ability, you can find these, and over seventy five (75) more species during a eight (8) days trip.  If you have the energy, we have the time!  Although being more rigorous in the sense that it consumes more birding hours per day, the cool and relaxing atmosphere at your lodge in the northern Blue Mountains will help you to overcome any level of tiresomeness and still allow persons the possibility of seeing all of Jamaica's twenty eight (28) endemic bird species within four (4) days. 

Organized Tour Dates

Currently, there is no organized tour dates for this birding vacation package. Before you pay for this tour, please request your intended vacation dates for us to confirm your reservation.  Please read the reservations, booking and cancellation information then use the device provided for inquires to submit your request for your intended dates.  All birding tours which are arranged by Attractions Link Tourism Services are conducted with a minimum of one (1) person and a maximum number of ten (10) persons.  Special arrangements can be made for groups exceeding ten (10) persons.  

Please view the type of motor which are used for transportation.  For additional information concerning this tour, please contact us for a detailed itinerary that contains daily departure times from accommodation venues to habitats, duration of daily outings, specific driving distance and time between habitats and accommodation venues, meal plans plus any other information you may need towards planning your four (4) days Jamaica birding adventure.  Thanks for making it Attractions Link Tourism Services.


Cost for this tour package includes the following:-

  • Three (3) nights accommodation with three (3) breakfasts per person, double occupancy.
  • Three (3) lunches per person
  • Three (3) Dinners per person
  • All transportation for driving distances mentioned
  • Bird-guide fees.

Utilize the benefits from the rates quoted below for this birding vacation package when you click the buy now button!  Ask about available discounts by contacting us or by viewing the information in the discount block which is located below the rates section of this page.  Please note that if you are a single person joining with other persons and do not want to share your room with anyone, a single supplement charge of fifteen percent (15%) will be added to your per person cost. 

Three nights and four days northern Jamaica birding tour, Single Person Cost.

If you are travelling as a single person and would like to do this tour privately, the cost is, US$ 2,000.00.  Please view your two payment options below:

  1. Tap or click the VISA/MASTERCARD icon for access to book via our reservation office.  This payment option also allows you to capitalize on our going discounts and special rate offers.  Please click or tap the best rate banner to view going discounts and special offers.
  2. Tap or click the "Buy Now" button to pay using PayPal.  This option does not offer any discount.

Three nights and four days northern Jamaica birding tour. Per Person cost for 2 to 10 persons.

If you are travelling as couple, or as a member of a group numbering from two (2) to ten (10) persons, the cost is US$1,200.00  per person, double occupancy.  If you are travelling with these persons and do not want to share your room, a supplementary charge will be added to your per person charge.  Please contact us regarding your single supplement charge.  Please view your two payment options below:

  1. Tap or click the VISA/MASTERCARD icon for access to book via our reservation office.  This payment option also allows you to capitalize on our going discounts and special rate offers.  Please click or tap the best rate banner to view going discounts and special offers.
  2. Tap or click the "Buy Now" button to pay using PayPal.  This option does not offer any discount.

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