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Hiking in Jamaica

Walking outdoors for exercise for long or short periods can be fun!  However walking outdoors in high mountains on challenging trails for hours, can be a little more than just exercise.  Walking for recreational purposes sometimes require the ability to push the body to various limits.  Many persons from different parts of the World will take vacations to other parts of their country or the World, which includes strenuous walks through jungles, along embankments of rivers and waterfalls which are located in mainly high mountains.  

In various parts of the World where vehicular transportation is not prevalent, many persons use their feet as means of transportation.  Some doctors actually recommend hiking to their patients as means of therapy for various health reasons.  Having a couple of hour walk each day, help persons to develop healthy cardiovascular conditions.  Persons living in large cities with busy streets may not have proper facility for hiking.  In this case, they have to drive to recreational parks which are far from their homes in order to have a safe walk for exercise. 

Air qualities and weather conditions in some large cities can be a large obstacle for persons with asthmatic conditions.  This is why persons in these areas usually have to take vacations at least one time per year, in order to get away from these fatigues.  Here in Jamaica there are several areas which provides clean air not just a stroll or walking exercise; but also for treacherous and challenging hiking activities and adventures.  Please note the information below regarding our hiking vacations and day-tour or excursion packages.

Hiking Vacation and Holiday Packages

Persons living in North American and European countries that have strenuous jobs with sometimes a little time to sleep may not even have the time to go for even one hour walking around their block or in a recreational park.  Most of the time, these persons have to take a vacation to another country to at least ease their stress.  With this valuable knowledge, the operators of Attractions Link Tourism Services have designed various hiking vacation packages to meet the desires of persons who are thinking of a vacation. 

These hiking vacation packages will enhance their thoughts of making Jamaica the Caribbean Destination for their vacation.  In doing this these persons are invited to holiday with us by purchasing one of our hiking vacation packages.  At Attractions Link Tourism Services, there is always something to experience beyond the norm where enjoying a vacation is concern.  Consider being away from home for a whole week in one place, seeing the same faces and doing the same things.  Isn’t this somewhat boring?  Here is an invitation to see much more in a different way.  

Hiking Excursions/Single Day Tour Packages

During your vacation in Jamaica, you are welcome to join one of our hiking day-tours  or mountain and valley excursions which are offered to persons holidaying in the Blue Mountains, Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.  If you are holidaying in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio, your cool day in one of Jamaica's mountainous regions can be arrange right here on this website.  You are invited to come and hike with us.  Enjoy and explore the Jamaica's unusual attractions which no one talk about.  These can only be found on other side of Jamaica where the real explorers come.

Take a break from the beach for new experiences such as these great activities and adventures which allows you to meet new faces while exploring the coolest areas of Jamaica's country side.  Meet the Jamaican people, learn their lifestyle, and enjoy our fresh Jamaican fruits during your cool mountain explorations.  Posted on this wabsite, are three (3) of the major hiking day-tour excursions which are currently operated by Attractions Link Tourism services.  After combing through the educational information provided, you are most welcome to contact us regarding the package which interests you most.

Our experienced day-tour planners will be happy to assist you in making your hiking excursion one to return to.  If you do not want to hike in a large group or you do not want to hike on one of scheduled dates, you are welcome to personalize your hiking activities.  We do provide a guide for even one person!  If we are preparing to hike with a large group, special attention is given the slower hikers during the journey.  In these cases, there are sometimes three (3) guides used so that the faster hikers can enjoy walking at a higher pace and do not have to stop and wait for the slower participants.  Organizing your hiking day-tour is what we enjoy doing.  We look forward to serving you.

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