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Jamaica's Bread Basket

Known as Jamaica's bread basket, this part of Jamaica lives up to its name by producing the most meats, fish, fresh vegitables and fruits.  On a tour of this area you will be driven through achers of farm-lands which are grossly cultivated with various farm froduce.  Although they are hard working, Jamaica's south coast residents are very laid back people at times who live a very simple life. 

Youngsters who have gone through high school and are quilify for an offise job and are not able to ubtain such, resort to helping their parents on family farms and most of the tim grow up to be big farmers themselves.  This part of Jamaica is not as lush as the north and northeastern side.  However it do get its share of Jamaica's tourism.

Accommodation Venues On Jamaica's South Coast

Accommodation venues on Jamaica's south coast are not the luxerious types as those in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.  Most accommodation venues are very small hotels, villas, cotttages, guest houses and persons offering accommodation to visitors in their family homes.

If your desire is to be away from the big resort areas by just relaxing in a small sea-side cottage where you can walk around the villages of Calabash Bay and Great Bay which are located in Treasure Beach, please contact us at our reservation office using the information provided on the contact us page of this website. 

Attractions On Jamaica's South Coast

There are various attractions on Jamaica's south coast.  These are, Black River Safari Tour, Ys Falls, Appleton Rum Distillery, bird watching in the upper and lower Black River Morass.  If you are holidaying in Montego Bay, Negril or Ocho Rios please contact us regarding joinong one of our daytours to the southcoast area.  If you are holidaying in Treasure Beach or Black River areas and you are interested in bied watching, you can contact us regarding one of our bird watching tours to the Cockpit Country.

Excursions and Day Tours To and From Jamaica's South Coast

If you are holidaying in Montego Bay or Negril, Attractions Link provide guided tours to the south-coast.  From your hotel in Montego Bay or Negril, you will be transported to the Appleton Rum Distillery, for a tour of that facility.  After, you will be transported to the breathtaking YS falls.  After experiencing the falls you will be transported to Black River for lunch then join the the boat trip for your Safari Tour up the Black River. 

On this spectacular trip, you will have a chance to do bird watching, looking at various species of wet-land birds.  At the end of your Safari tour, you will be transported back to your hotel in Montego Bay, Negri or Ocho Riosl.  For more information on transportation and other details regarding our tours on the south-coast, please contact us.


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