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Leisure Holidays and Activities In Jamaica

All over the World, persons travel every hour for various reasons.  Travelling to tropical areas such as Far East Asia and the Caribbean, is done by most persons who are seeking warmer climate during the winter.  Most of these travellers, do travel to Jamaica.  Among the numbers that travel to Jamaica are persons that are travelling just to be away from home for a while.  Other persons excited about where they are going and just can not wait to get there.  After getting to their destination, some of these persons may want to explore the destination in different ways. 

Others may just want to stay around their accommodation areas, read books, enjoy the beach, spend a lot of time at the bar, enjoy the pool and other amenities around their hotel.  On a day when activities and amenities in and around the hotel begins to be repeating, these persons may want to venture out on one or two soft adventure excursions, in order to get a feel of the community in which the hotel is located.  There are various leisure activities listed for persons to do in Jamaica during their leisure holidays.  Please view the list of activities in the featured activities section which is placed lower down on this page.

At Attractions Link Tourism Services, we are also promoting four (4) leisure vacations year round to visitors travelling to Jamaica for holidays.  These vacation packages are, Two nights three days leisure vacationsFour nights five days leisure vacationsSeven nights eight days leisure vacations, Nine night ten days leisure vacations and Luxury boat cruise vacations.  In addition to our leisure vacations, we are also promoting eight (8) leisure daytime excursions/tours

These excursion/tours are, Day tour of Kingston, which allows our visitors to see the other side of Jamaica's Capital City.   Day tour of Montego Bay, which allows our visitors to soak in the charm of Jamaica's second city.  Day tour of Negril, which allows our visitors to see inside Negril and not just the sun and beach.  Day tour of Ocho Rios, which allows our visitors to visit various attractions and to enjoy some of the activities in that area.  Day tour of Port Antonio, which allows visitors to learn about the cradle of Jamaica's tourism depicts the entire other side of Jamaica!  Port Antonio Rain Forest and East Coast Tour, which will fill your eyes with natural beauty, pep-up your taste-buds with a meal of original Jerk Port or Chicken! Day tour of the South Coast which will highlight the history of Jamaica's finest Rum.

Deep Sea Fishing

Are you interested in deep sea fishing?  If you are holidaying in Montego Bay, Negril Ocho Rios or Port Antonio and have an interest in this leisure activity, you are welcome to have Attractions Link arrange special half or full day fishing packages for you.  These arangements  can be made while booking your holidays. 

If you are already in Jamaica and have an interest in this sport, our activities service department will be happy to assist in your hiring the necessary particulars such as boat, crew and equipment that will make your fishing adventure a success.  For information on this exciting and adventurous experience, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the contact us page.

Glass-bottom Boat Ride

At Attractions Link Limited, we believe that a vacation without fun is not one worth havingYou can have fun aboard this fiberglass base canoe or simular, fitted with an out-board engine, doing various activities such as viewing our beautiful coral reef by way of  snorkeling or just go for an evening's cruise around the bay while spending your vacation in Negril or Port Antonio.

Experience this relaxing leisure activity in Negril by combing the coral reef  while snorkeling or just take an evening's sunset cruise around the cliffs as you watch the sun goes down.  In Port Antonio, you can also take a glass bottom boat ride around the Blue Lagoon and San San Bay.  Watch the sun disappear as you take your sunset cruise around Pelu Island "commonly known as Monkey Island".  For information on this relaxing axtivity, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the contact us page.



This eco friendly adventure is arrange by Attractions Link in Port Antonio.  Here you can have yuor kyaking experience at the Blue Lagoon or Turtle Crawl Bay.  These types of adventure are highly appreciated in the resort town of Port Antonio being that Attractions Link Limited and other tourism investors in this part of Jamaica cherish our natural jewel and by so doing, we are doing our best preserve and restore our natural resorces.  For information on this adventurous experience, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the contact us page.


Lawn Tennis

Jamaica is known for various cuisine.  These delicious meals can meals are so tasty that you may want to eat non stop.  While on your vacation, you will want to have a little exercise.  If you are a tennis player and want to be in a hotel with a tennis court, Attractions Link will be able to arrange your accommodation such that this amenity is in place.

If you are no a tennis player but want to learn how to play some resorts provide persons who will assist you in learning the sport.  While learning, you will be exercising.  For information on this pleasurable amenity, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the contact us page.


Scuba Diving

Jamaica has beautiful coral reef all around the island.  However the best area for scuba diving is the northeastern waters around the Port Antonio area as these waters, produces the best coral reef around thr island.  For information on this adventure, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the contact us page.


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