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After you have navigated your way through our website, it would be good to know the persons who will be interacting with you, guiding you and touring with you after you have decided to acquire any of our affordable services.  This page serves to direct our valued viewers who will soon to be customers, to know the persons who will actually serve them from our team.  An early acquaintance will allow our guests to put names to faces when they meet the person or persons they were corresponding with prior to their coming to Jamaica, their assigned driver, guide and other persons they will be meeting for the first time. 

Please see the persons who are involve in making Attractions Link's holiday adventures and activities interesting, educational and exciting. This will enhance your coming and touring with us on one of our bird watching vacationsbird watching tours, cycling vacations and tourshiking vacationshiking tours, leisure vacations and leisure tours!  Your support will be highly appreciated as it will make a difference in the forward movement of not just Attractions Link Tourism Services but also Jamaica's economy on a whole.  Please, meet our team members!

Lorenzo Murdock "WAYNE"

Lorenzo Murdock, otherwise known by everyone as WAYNE, is a native Jamaican who grew up in the Rio Grande Valley which is located in the lower northern hill of the Blue mountains Jamaica.  During his younger years, he attended the Fellowship all age school which provided his primary education then went on to the Titchfield high school in Port Antonio where he completed his secondary education.

At the age of thirteen, he got engaged in the sport of cycling which he pursued to represent Jamaica in the highest events such as the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Pan-American Games, the Centeral American and Caribbean Games.  Wayne's cycling career ended pre-maturely because of financial obligations to his young family.  After his early retirement from cycling, Wayne became a young  entrepreneur in the business of taxi opperating. 

In the 1994, Wayne along with his wife Janette, expanded their taxi business into a Tourist Destination Management Company which they currently operate as Attractions Link Tour Services.  During his years in the business, he and his wife Janette, constantly developed several new ideas relating to tourism services to include airport arival services, transportation services between airports and hotels, transportation services between resort areas, sightseeing tours, hiking tours bird watching vacations and tours. 

Ornithologist John Fletcher have recommended Wayne to be an excelent birder and bird watching tour guide who takes timr out to make sure that he delivers the correct information regarding birds seen during the tours he conducts.  Publications in both Lonely Plannet and Fromer's guide books have noted Wayne to be an educated tour guide, splended hiker and also a skillfull driver.  Apart from his hiking and biking, along with the help of other specialist bird-guides, Wayne currently leads six days birding tours, eight days birding tours, ten days birding tours and fifteen days birding tours in Jamaica between November and April each year.  In addition to this, some of the single day birding tours which are promoted by Attractions Link is conducted by Wayne.

Janette Murdock "JANETTE"

Janette Murdock who is known to everyone as JANETTE, is from eastern Jamaica.  She grew up in West Portland where she received Primary Education and later she pursued her Secondary Education at Titchfield high school in Port Antonio where she obtained her High school Diploma.  Her formal training includes a Master of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as  formal training as a Teacher of Business Studies, and English Language/Literature among others.

This determined young business woman is also a lover of flowers and does well on her tours in explaining and outlining interesting facts regarding flowers and other plants.  Janette is also a lover of children and the development of their education; as such, she currently assists students who are pursuing the C.S.E.C Principles of Business, Office Administration and English language with their preparation for their external examination, as well as engage them in various activities aimed at building their critical thinking skills.

John Fletcher "JOHN"

John Fletcher, refers to by most persons as JOHN, is an ornithologist for many years.  This knowledgeable British born Jamaican birder is a remarkable person who have gone over-board for the development of bird watching in Jamaica.  John has never differ in responding to anyone calling or asking questions regarding birds, bird watching or anything relating to bird-life.  John with his smiling and friendly character, has mentored most young bird guides to include Lorenzo Murdock "Wayne" and Ricardo. 

Currently, John does moderate bird watching as he is not strong enough to keep up with intense bird watching and energetic birders.  However John is always ready to do two or three hours in Hope Gradens, Castleton Gardens, Hardwar Gap and other nearby habitats.  Although John does not do much in the fields lately, his advice and recomendations have done wel in enhancing the building the bird watching section of this website.  


Ryan, like Wayne, is a native of the Rio Grande Valley of Jamaica.  From an early age Ryan has always cherished birds.  While growing up in Mill Bank which is a community located in the high mountains of southern Port Antonio or the northern sloops of the Blue Mountains, Ryan studied his birds and butterflies as the area is the home and only place to see the Giant Swallow-tailed Butterflies.  Ever since the year 2000 to present, Ryan has worked with the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust taking care of our National Parks, mountain trails, planting trees and taking part in other recreational projects. 

Ryan is also known to have one the sharpest reflex in spotting birds!  He has several self-taught techniques in bird watching.  Some of these are lone birding before taking out a group in order to make note of actual spots to find various target birds which are sometimes hard to find.  Birding with Ryan is always fun as his whistling tones can change swiftly to match several bird calls.  Ryan is also a prominent hiking guide.  Apart from being very fit, his knowledge towards plants and flowers is worth experiencing!


Roger, is a native of Green Hills which is located in northern Blue Mountains.  This area is a part of the lower Hardwar Gap and is one of Jamaica's most popular natural bird sanctuaries.  Roger attended the Cascade Primary School which is located in the same area then later, he attended the Happy Grove High School which is located in the Hector's River area of Portland Jamaica.  Currently, Roger is currently employed by the Forestry department of Jamaica.  This Agency is the Government’s lead agency which is responsible for the management and conservation of the country’s forest resources.

The functions of this Department are mandated under the Forest Act of 1996 and are aimed at managing forests on a sustainable basis to maintain and increase the environmental services and economic benefits they provide.  During his years of work with both entities, Roger has developed his skills in Bird watching, plants preservation and other environmental and conservation practices.  From his growing up as a boy in the high mountains to his current involvement in preserving Jamaica's forests and wild-life habitats, Roger's backbround has groomed him into a splended tour guide both for bird watching and hiking

Rafting Captains

Lansford Gorgon "LANNY", like Wayne, is a native of the district of Berry Dale.  He attend the Fellowship All  Age School, where he obtained primary and junior levels of education.  Like most boys in that area of the Blue and John Crow Mountains, Lanny grew up around building and sailing Bamboo Rafts as his father during those days was a Rafting Beach Manager for the River Rafting Authority.  Like most of the other raft captains in the area Lanny know the river like the back of his hands!  This why today, he is used by the Tourism Product Development Company as a river inspector after a storm has passed in order to confirm the river being fit for rafting activity.  


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