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Jamaica's Capital of Casual

This resort town is known as Jamaica' Capital of Casual.  It was given this title based on the type of tourist who traveled to this resort town since the 1960s.  This term was also used to market the resort town to tourism interests worldwide.  This helped Negril to get known and later known for its fast development during the latter part of the 20th, century.  Apart from known to have the longest white-sand beach in Jamaica, it is known for its vibrant night-life; hosting various concerts, beach parties, live band entertainment and sound system or open air disco entertainments.  Negril's resorts are all equipped with numerous ballroom, night-clubs, exotic bars that also promote live music events, stage shows and wild parties.   

To say it all, you must embrace yourself for a wild carnival-like atmosphere.  During the mid to late afternoon, large numbers of guests from home and abroad gather along Negril's Cliffs to watch the sunset off the western coast of Jamaica while having their cocktails and listening to disco or live music.  There are several areas along the cliffs where persons have tremendous fun by way of just jumping from the highest their nerves will allow, into the deep blue below.  One of these places is the World's renown Ritz Café.  Along the west End Road area of Negril, there are various local restaurants which attracts the low budget travellers, persons travelling to the area and local excursions and also guests who are staying the bigger resorts and are taking a stroll outside their places of accommodation.  

Accommodation Venues In Negril

This modern touristic resort area has various levels of accommodation to offer.  Along its seven (7) miles or eleven and one third (11.30)km beach, you will find accommodation ranging from luxury all inclusives to casual cottages, all having their share of the spectacular beach.  There are also several accommodation venues along the cliffs.  These accommodation venues are mainly small properties to include private villas and guest houses, most of which have their fair share of the high cliff which allows their guests access to the deep blue waters below.  Some of these access paths are steps carved in the rocks. 

Other access means are just a long rope which allows a Tarzan-like swinging out from the rocks then a jump into the deep blue waters.   Over eighty percent (80%) of accommodation venues in Negril, allows a spectacular view of the sun setting towards the west every day.  Massive numbers of persons mainly visitors, have their weddings in other parts of Jamaica such as Ocho Rios and Port Antonio then have their honeymoon in Negril.  Older persons however, attend weddings in Negril, have a short stay in a large luxurious resort then venture eastwards to as far as Port Antonio to spend up to a  week's vacation in Port Antonio after the event.  This is because Port Antonio is more quiet, laid back and serves the older folks better. 

Attractions In Negril

Although it is said to be the capital of casual, visitors to this resort town can also have their share of eco-adventures and wild-life if they choose to do so.  Take a trip to the Royal Palm Reserve which is a wet-land forest located in Negril and enjoy this beautiful and tranquil forest which can be found within the Negril Great Morass.  Although the attraction was manually developed, this forest is known to be one of Jamaica's leading Eco-tourism attractions.  While exploring this forest, you will find over 114 plant species to include the Roystonia Princeps, known locally as the Swamp Cabbage Palm.  There is also the Moras Royal Palms which are found no where else on the Island.  

Creatures such as the American Crocodiles can also be found in the swampy areas and ponds of the morass.  Numerous bird species can also be found in the area.  If you are interested in bird watching, this attraction host a large number of the West Indian Whistling Duck which picture is shown here.  Exploring this area is very safe as you can see that there is a trail known as the wooden Royal Palm Boardwalk Trail through the morass swamp forest.   This attraction is truly an outstanding cultural and environmental experience.  There is also the Negril Light House which is located on the extreme west end of Jamaica.  At the beginning of this page, the introduction picture shows  a large number of persons enjoying themselves at a "Negril Sundown Party".  Numerous persons have said that Negril's best attraction is the lowering of the sun as it sets over the western horizon in the evenings of each sunny day. 

Tours From Negril

While having your vacation in Negril, you are invited to join one of our tours to Montego Bay, Ocho RiosJamaica's South Coast or take one of our Fly and drive tours to Port Antonio or Kingston.  If you are interested in bird watching, while holidaying in Negril, take a break from the beach and explore some of the Caribbean's best bird habits by joining one of our single day or multi-day birding tours from Negril.  Attractions Link Tourism Services also offer bird watching tours from hotels in Negril to areas in and around Negril, the Upper and Lower Black River Morass, northern and central Cockpit Country, Blue Fields, Treasure Beach and other areas of Jamaica's South Coast.  

There are also two and four days birding tours now being offered to persons who are holidaying in Negril and would like to venture eastwards to see Jamaica's rear endemic birds.  This can be done by our four days birding tour of northern Jamaica.  You will be so happy when you found out that you have made a choice that allows you to see so much of Jamaica while birding!  Please contact us for more information regarding transportation and rates for the above.

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