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Port Antonio, the capital of northeastern Jamaica.

During the planning of your holidays in Port Antonio, make space for a day on the east-side of that resort town.  From your hotel, villa, guest house or private residence anywhere in Port Antonio, you can have a full day of education while having fun, learning about the cultural, ecological and geographical aspects of northeastern Jamaica.  Take a scenic coastal ride along the northeast coast of this beautiful island then through a lush tropical rain-forest, to the ever energizing and refreshing waters of Reich Falls. 

During your ride along the coast, depending on where you will be staying, you will have an opportunity of seeing  places such as the Trident Castle, Pelu Island, the Blue Lagoon and Errol Flynn’s estate.  After leaving the coast, you will be cruising along the Ecclesdown road which winds it way through the lush and moist rain-forests which are located in the northeastern foot-hills of the John-crow Mountains.  These mountains forms the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and are nearer to the coasts of northeastern Jamaica.  


After travelling for a distance of about fifteen (15) km, you will then head southwards driving through a rain forest which is located in the northern foothills of the John Crow Mountains. During your adventurous ride through this paradise-like area, you will be introduced to various  plants, fruits, birds and other aspects of wildlife interests.  Store the memories of this trip by taking photograph of the flora and fauna which you will see as you go along.  This forest also has a wide variety of "flora" to satisfy the desires of explorers and nature lovers alike.  Flowering plants such as the Heliconia, African Tulip otherwise called Flame of the Forest, Ginger-lily, Royal Poinciana and other bright coloured flouring plant species are scattered across the dense vegetation.  

These bright coloured flowering plant species, provides a mines-eye additional light that brightens the green vegetation as it embraces the glow of the tropical sunshine while going through this heart-capturing rain-forest.  In addition to the above, there are numerous fruit trees laden with tropical fruits such as breadfruit, grapefruit, orange, O Tahiti Apples, guava and Ackee. Learn about the growing, reaping and processing of banana and plantains.  Take photographs of the various Heliconia and Birds of Paradise plants which are also species of the banana family.  These plants are actually growing wild throughout the entire forest!  Learn about the three stages of the Nutmeg Spice from the plant to the nut that is processed to powder before being used in cakes, pudding and cereal mixes and porridge meals.  Learn about the various tuba plants and their starchy products.


This area is also one of Jamaica's top natural bird habitats for bird watching in Jamaica, where actually, all of Jamaica's twenty nine (29) endemic bird species can also be seen.  From the total of over three hundred (300) species of birds in Jamaica, this forest hosts over one hundred and fifty (150) species to include all the endemic species.  No doubt, that this is why persons travel from all over the world to enjoy bird watching in Jamaica.  One of the birds to be found in this area is the Jamaican Black-bird which is one Jamaica's endemic bird species which can only be found in the central and northern areas of the Blue Mountains. 

On more than one occasion, the Giant Swallow-tailed Butter Fly with a fore-wing span of over 4.6 to 6.9 inches.  This butter-fly can be distinguished from the Schaus' swallowtail by the yellow-filled "tails" (Schaus' swallowtail tails are all black) and the small, brick-red patch just interior to the blue median band on the ventral hind wing.  After completing this educational drive, you will be travelling through the small rural community of Reich where you will have a chance to meet the people of the community and share their warmth as they welcome you to their peaceful part of Jamaica, before your arrival at the waterfalls which form Reich Falls Attractions.  Enjoy the glistering waters of the Reich River as you soak yourself while swimming in the natural pool at Reich Falls.  Learn more as you read below.

Reich Falls

On your arrival at Reich Falls, you will meet your guide then to the river.  At the waterfalls you will have access to swimming, climbing of the rocks while river walking.  After a refreshing adventure at the falls, you tour guide will present to you a refreshing drink of water-coconut before your departure from this jungle-like area.  After departing from the Reich area, your adventurous excursion will be heading northwards to the coast for the return leg which form another coastal ride, to your place of accommodation.  During this leg, you will have various spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, which will now be on your right.  You will be elated with your two (2) beach stops.  One at Long Bay Beach and the other at Boston Bay.  

On arrival at Long Bay Beach, you will have the opportunity of swimming, laying on the beach with possibility of having a picnic lunch.  If not, you will continuing on to Boston Bay, where you will have lunch.  At Boston Bay you will be introduced to authentic Jerk pork and chicken. This cuisine is a method of cooking which was originated by the Maroons who were runaway slaves and were living in the mountains.  You may ask, how was Jerk done originally?  After the pig is cleaned and marinaded, it kept in a large container for over four hours.  When it is soak in the different spices herbs, it is taken out and placed on a Pataah or wooden grilled area with open fire underneath. 

In ancient days however, the Pataah would be placed about six feet underground.  You may also ask, why was this done?  While the Running Africans were constantly hiding from the British, they could not make fires in daylight as this would give them away.  However, they had to eat and eat healthy.  In that case, they did this as a means of hiding the smoke so that they could not be trailed by the British or their whereabouts be known easily.  This way of cooking is also used to preserve large magnitude of meat.


Northeastern Jamaica's coastline is spectacular in which the mix between the blue Caribbean Sea and the green mountains of the lower John-crow Mountains forms a marvelous and breathtaking sight as you travel along the coastline from start to finish.  Your ride through the rural communities, lush rain-forest, green mountain range and white-sand beaches are just a mite of what this beautiful part of our World has to offer.  Before getting back to your hotel, you will also have the opportunity of stopping at the Blue Lagoon for pictures and possible swimming in the Lagoon if time and energy permit you to do so. 

At the Blue Lagoon, you can purchase craft items that are on display by skilled craftsmen who spends their days carving various imagery out of various types of wood and also make bracelets and necklaces from different stones and beads.  While walking around, you will enjoy the charm and cluster of the surrounding trees that forms a canopy over the glistering blue waters.  Listen to the many birds as the sing various melodies during their flickering and flying around the cool area.  Swim up to a mineral spring of warm water that flows out of the hillside like a fountain, into the lagoon.  After your stop at the Blue Lagoon, you will be taken back to your hotel.   


Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • Access cost to Reach Falls. 
  • One (1) Lunch per person at Boston Bay or Long Bay Beach.

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