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Port Antonio's East Coats and Rain Forest Tour

During the planning of your holidays to Jamaica, think of a way to spend some time in in Port Antonio.  While in Port Antonio, make space for a day on the east-side of that resort town.  From your cruise ship, yacht, sail boat, hotel, villa, guest house or private residence, you can have a full day of education while having fun, learning about the cultural, ecological and geographical aspects of northeastern Jamaica, its forests, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife. 

Take a scenic coastal ride along the northeast coast of this beautiful island then through a lush tropical rain-forest, to the ever energizing and refreshing waters of Reich Falls.  Jamaica's northeastern coastline is spectacular in which the mix between the blue Caribbean Sea and the green ridges, valleys and slopes of the lower John-crow Mountains, form a marvelous and breathtaking sight as you travel along the coastline through the forests then to the waterfalls and back to the coastline.

Your ride through the rural communities, lush rain-forest, green mountain range and along white-sand beaches are just a mite of what this beautiful part of our World has to offer.  During your excursion, depending on where you will be staying, you will have the opportunity of seeing  places such as the Trident Castle, Pelu Island, the Blue Lagoon and Errol Flynn’s estate before leaving the coast. 

After leaving the coast, you will be cruising through the lush and moist rain-forests which are located in the northeastern foot-hills of the John-crow Mountains.  Enjoy the lush shrubs of vines wrapping the tree while forming a canopy-like vail over the road in various areas.  Enjoy the flora and fauna of these mountains and valleys which are clustered together to form the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.  Learn more about this paradise-like area while on your tour.

On your arrival at Reich Falls, you will meet your guide then traverse to the river.  At the waterfalls you will have access to swimming, climbing of the rocks while river walking.  After a refreshing adventure at the falls, you tour guide will present to you a refreshing drink of water-coconut before your departure from this jungle-like area.  After departing from the Reich area, your adventurous excursion will be heading northwards to the coast for the return leg which form another coastal ride, to your place of accommodation, stopping at Long Bay Beach, Boston Bay and the Blue Lagoon. 


Highlighting Northeastern Jamaica



Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • Access cost to Reach Falls. 
  • One (1) Lunch per person at Boston Bay or Long Bay Beach.

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