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Jamaica's Tourism Jewel

Port Antonio, the cradle of Jamaica's tourism.  This super-cool sea-side town is located on the northeastern shores of Jamaica.  Jamaica's tourism trade actually started in this part of the island during the 1930s, after Jamaica's banana had paved the way for the country's economical exposure in England during that time.  In those days, ships traversing to and from England via the Atlantic Ocean would carry Log-wood to England which were used as Sleepers for train tracks and return with red clay-bricks for construction of buildings.  It is also said that sometimes these ships would return empty. 

Some years later, the banana trade developed and the ships were now carrying bananas from to the United Kingdom and tourists on their return voyage to Jamaica.  Tourist travelling back to Jamaica on these ships during their returning voyages was a brilliant idea to make the journey worth while.  In those days, the main port which was used for exporting bananas from Jamaica, was Port Antonio.  This gave the area and the island of Jamaica a jump-start towards the tourism trade.  Port Antonio became a booming town which hosts Jamaica's mega hotel which was built on the Titchfield peninsula.

This resulted in having Port Antonio hosting the first tourist arrival on the island of Jamaica.  This trend grew rapidly and apart from the banana industry, the island's tourism industry started.  In 1938, the movie star Errol Flynn came up with the idea of having chairs on the 38ft. bamboo raft which was only used to transport bananas down-river.  After sitting on the floor of one of these rafts for seven miles, the celebrity came up with a brilliant idea to have seats fitted on these rafts.  After the seat was fitted the rafts, Errol Flynn made it his romantic practice to go rafting with his spouse almost every day.  

Port Antonio sour to greater heights, with its inhabitance watching the two industries grow.  In the mid 1960s, tourism developement grew to the level of having cruise ships visiting the town.  During the early to mid 1970s the volume of cruise ship arrivals grew to over three vesels docking in Port Antonio within one week.  This went on through to 1981 when the Jamaican flow of tourist visits from the cruise shipping industery slowly drifted to Ocho Rios and later Montego Bay.  By this time, tourism has grown in other areas like montego Bay and Ocho Rios as well.  

Before the end of 1981, all schedule cruise ship visits shifted to Ocho Rios.  There, the valume of tourist visits to Port Antonio, decreased dramatically.  Over the years however, Port Antonio have had its share of travellers who want to spend their vacation in an undeveloped atmosphere.  Apart from doing the usual sea and sand activities, you can take a break from the beach and experience one of our eco-adventure activities.

Getting To Port Antonio

There are three (3) ways to get to Port Antonio. Yes, three (3) three (3) ways!  These are air, land and sea.  Persons who have the desire of getting to Port Antonio by air can do so by hiring a private chartered airplane from Kingston, Montego Bay or Negril or Ocho Rios to Port Antonio.  Getting to Port Antonio by road is easy, depending on where you are travelling from and the time of day you are travelling.  For more information on travelling to Port Antonio by road, please see the page entitled transportation between resort areas of Jamaica.  Here you will be able to see and choose various options in this regard. 

After arriving in Port Antonio, you will develop a cheerful spirit.  Port Antonio hosts various relaxing parks and recreational areas such as a modern-day marina which is located within walking distance from all four (4) banks, shopping areas, restaurants and gas stations.  There are numerous natural attractions on the outskirts of the town.  These you will really want to visit after getting a little rest from travelling, a delicious breakfast consist of Blue Mountain Coffee backed up with some mouth watering Ackee and Salted Codfish. 

Accommodation - Hotels, Villas, Guest Houses and Lodges In Port Antonio

Accommodation in Port Antonio varies from a low budget bed and breakfast guest house to three (3) star rating hotels.  Most of the low budget accommodation venues are located inside the town of Port Antonio.  There are also medium to high range private villa accommodations located in the San San area of Port Antonio.  Regarding hotels, there are now five (5) functional small hotels currently operating in Port Antonio.  If you are considering spending some time in port Antonio,  our reservation staff at Attractions Link Tourism Services can arrange suitable accommodation to meet your budget in Port Antonio or any where in Jamaica. 

This can be done after you have contacted our reservation and booking staff using the information provided on our contact us page.  We will be happy to help you in finding the appropriate place for your relaxing holidays.

Attractions In Port Antonio

Please note that Port Antonio is the ideal resort area on the island for bird watching.  This has made this part of Jamaica a haven for birdwatchers.  If you are interesting in a vacation away from the every day sand and sea activities, then Port Antonio is where you want to be.  Experience our mountains and lush forests swarm with multiple species of  birds, cascading waterfalls powered by the glory of Jehovaha's creation.  From your home anywhere in the world, Attractions Link will arrange for you the ultimate vacation to include bird watching in the Ecclesdown forrests, Sherwood Forest , Hard War Gap bird and Cockpit Country bird habitats, where bird watchers have seen Jamaica's 28 endemic bird species through out the year, every year. 

In addition to bird watching, there is hiking, Rio Grande rafting, Reich Falls, Summerset Falls, Chantinimi Falls, Bath Fountain and mineral Springs are just some of the attractions in this area being that Port Antonio is known to have the most varied attractions in all of the Caribbean.With this you will be able to say that you have experience bird watching in Jamaica.  For your vacation in cool and most relaxing part of the World, please contact us for more information on  how do persons get to Port Antonio, how do persons get around while in Port Antonio, accommodation, transportation, attractions, activities and rates.

Excursions and Day Tours From Port Antonio

Apart from doing the usual sea and sand activities, you can take a break from the beach and experience one of our Eco-adventure tours or activities.  These tours and activities are Bird watching, Cycling Tours, Hiking in the Rio Valley, Hiking in the Blue MountainHorse Back Riding, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling.  If you are holidaying in Port Antonio, you can join various day tours from the Port Antonio area which are listed on this website.  Here are some of the featured tours operated from Port Antonio.  These are day tour of Port Antonio, day tour of Kingston, day tour of Ocho RiosPort Antonio's east coast and rain forest tour, One day bird watching tour to the Ecclesdown forest, one day bird watching tour to Hard-war Gapone day bird watching tour to Sherwood Forest.  

If you are holidaying in Kinkston or Ocho Rios, please contact us regarding joining our day tour of Port Antonio, Bird watching in Ecclesdown or Sherwood Forest, hiking tours in the Blue Mountains and Rio Grande Valley areas.  If you are holidaying in Montego Bay or Negril, you can join one of our fly and drive tours which are organized from these areas.  If you are holidaying in Treasure Beach,  Please contact us regarding an Attractions Link tours to Port Antonio from that area or an Attractions Link tour in around that area.