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Jamaica's Main Resort Areas

One can only say that they have seen Jamaica if after visiting Jamaica, they take some time to explore this gem of tropical paradise.  Persons may not have the time on any one vacation or single day visit to see all fourteen parishes, mountainous regions, deep valleys, unique attractions, small towns and fine people.  However, tourists, explorers and visitors alike can learn so much about Jamaica, while in Jamaica by getting out for a while and move around to see at least the main resort areas of the island.

These five areas are Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Jamaica's South Coast and the northern, central and southern Blue Mountains.  Jamaica's capital city Kingston, awaits the persons who are visiting Jamaica and are interested in its rich history, interesting sites and music.  Jamaica's second city, Montego Bay, is more touristic, with most of its largest hotels and other buildings in close proximity of its airport. 

Having other main resort areas like Negril, Jamaica's Capital of casual to the west and Ocho Rios which is known to be one of Jamaica's fastest growing towns to the east, most of the visitors to Jamaica are flown into the Donald Sangster's International Airport in Montego Bay.  Port Antonio, the cradle of Jamaica's tourism, awaits the rich and famous, explorers and persons who are in for total relaxation.  Jamaica's South Coasts consists of two resort areas; being Black River and Treasure Beach, plus wildlife and educational attractions. 

Jamaica's Cities, Towns and Villages


Other Areas Of Holiday Interest To Tourists Visiting Jamaica

How could we forget the tourist visited areas of the Blue Mountains?  Sitting high above all other areas of Jamaica, this large protected area provides numerous panoramic views of Jamaica's coastlines, as far as your eyes can see.  Boasting three main areas, being the northern Blue Mountains, Central Blue Mountains and the southern Blue Mountains, this high mountain paradise region holds so much for any one person to explore.

This area claims the greater portion of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park which provides numerous opportunity for bird watching, mountain biking, hiking and even Ecological Relaxing Leisure Holidays.  Spend a part of your birding or leisure vacation in one of the most tranquil areas of the World, exploring on foot to over 7,402 ft.  Spend sometime on the balcony of your mountain gazing at various species of Jamaica's 29 bird species and butterflies. 

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