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From your cruise ship, hotel, private villa, guest house, local residence or private yacht in Port Antonio, take the opportunity to experience and enjoy the best of river rafting in Jamaica, by spending a couple of hours drifting down-river on a thirty-eight feet (38ft.) bamboo raft, managed by a courteous, skilled, warm and friendly raft captain.  This educational, relaxing and romantic excursion, can brighten and bring addition fun and excitement to your entire holiday in Jamaica. 

Swim wherever you want some of the cleanest freshwaters of the Caribbean.  Have a delicious lunch halfway down-river, backed up by ice-cold Red Stripe Beer.  Breathe the fresh air of this lush valley, sandwiched by the lower sloops of the Blue and John Crow Mountains, all the way to the sea.  From 1938 to date this ecological leisure-adventure continues to attract visitors from all areas of the World to Jamaica.  Come, experience and have your share pleasure, while rafting down the Rio Grande.  Combine this adventure with a hiking adventure!


Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • Rafting cost. 
  • One (1) Lunch per person halfway down-river.


Experience Jamaica's Original River Rafting


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Single Person Cost

If you are booking this excursion as a single person who do not want to share the tour with other persons, your cost is US$160.00.  Please view your two payment options below:

Per Person Cost 2-10 persons

If you are booking this excursion as couple, or as a member of a group numbering from two (2) to ten (10) persons, the cost is, US$96.00 per person.  Please view your two payment options below:

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