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Seven Nights Eight Days Town and Jungle Vacation

This vacation package allows our clients to experience Eco Tourism at its highest value.  As the title suggest, Town and Jungle Vacation, our clients are able to experience being in the conpany of deep-rural residence, small village residence, and also residence of small towns of Jamaica.  This seven nights eight days vacation package was designed by Attractions Link to also allow visitors to experience three (3) nights in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and four (4) nights in the small unspoilt resort area of Port Antonio.  While in the northern Blue Mountains, you will have the opportunity of hiking to Jamaica's highest point, the Blue Mountain Peak.  

In addition to this, you will also have the opportunity to hike to a botanical garden which is located over 5,000feet or 1,524 meters, known as Cinchona Botanical Gardens.  This leg of your vacation will also allow you to visit small coffee farm operations and learn about Blue Mountain Organic Coffee Farming, visit several natural water-falls and get acquainted with several plants, fruits and other produce of Jamaica's Fauna.  While in Port Antonio, you will have the opportunity of visiting natural attractions such as Reich Falls, Summerset Falls, Rio Grande Valley for hiking and river rafting.  This vacation package also allows you to visit Castleton Botanical Gardens in the lower mountain range of eastern Jamaica.  Please note you itinerary below.

First Day

On arrival at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica, you will be driven to the cool hills of the southern Blue Mountains. Here you will be spending your first three (3) nights, mixed with relaxation, education and exploration.  Your accommodation venue will be in a mountain lodge with far less Luxury than a hotel. 

While at this lodge, you will have the opportunity of experiencing fresh Blue Mountain Coffee whenever you want as you are living in the midle of a coffee farm.  During your time at this lodge, you can join mountain hikes to various parts of  the Blue Mountains which are extended far higher that where you will be residing.  Read books, write novels, watch birds or just sleep your tiresomeness away. (three nights) 

Second Day

Today marks an interesting day in which you will have breakfast at your lodge then head out for a visit to Cinchona Botanical Gardens.  This excursion includes an enjoyable hike.  This advenurous trip offers the opportunity of  viewing several coffee farms which are located at high elevation.  For sure, you will be elated to be hiking at this elevation with tremendous views of the lower valleys ajoining mountains, peaks and even the ocian.

On this excursion, you will take along snacks, energy bars and drinks to help replenish your energy as you hike up the steep mountain sides.  At Cinchona, you will enjoy stroling through the garden as you learn about the different plants, their origins and their use.  After satisfying your hapitite for seeing beautiful plants, misty mountains and eating refreshing fruits, you will be getting ready for your return journey down-hill to join your vehicle which will be waiting to take you back to your lodge.

Third Day

Today will be the most chalanging day of this vacation.  About 2:00 am, you will have coffee then depaty your lodge with a packed brunch along with your guide in a 4x4 car, for an excursion to the highest point of Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Peak!   This trip includes a hike which will take about four (4) hours each way.  On this trip, your main objection is to get to the simmit before sunrise.  This means, while you are there and relaxing, you will have a chance to see the sun rising over the ocean from the east! 

After your view of the sunrise, you will return down the narrow trail back to your car stopping at the Portland Gap Ranger Station where you you will report out of the area.  Based on your hiking condition and how many time you will be stopping, you should be back at your lodge before three pm.  At your lodge, you will relax then get ready for diner and an overnight rest for your upcoming journey to Port Antonio via Hard-war Gap.

Fourth Day

After your three nights of peace and tranquility, on the forth day, you will pack your bags and say goodbye to the southern Blue Mountains then embark on your journey across to the northern Blue Mountains, on to Beautiful Port Antonio.  On this breathtaking and spectacular trip, you will have time for various stops including one for a refreshing dip in this unknown jewil which may help you to look ten (10) years younger after your swim. 

After leaving this refreshing stop you will then arrive on the north coast of Jamaica where we will have company of the blue Caribbean see all the way to your hotel.  This hotel will be of about three (3) star rating with a swimming pool restaurant and a lovely garden.  Situated only ten (10) minutes from Frenchman's Cove Beach, you will be assisted with a free shuttle to and from that beach on your desired days. 

While in Port Antonio, you will also have the opportunity to visit and experience both Reach Falls and Rio Grande Rafting, which are both included in your vacation Package.  Please note that Port Antonio is the destination with the most varied attractions in all the Caribbean.  In this case, you will not be able to visit all of attractions and do all the activities that Port Antonio has to offer to its visitors vacationing in its environs.  (fourth night)


Fifth Day

Today, after a delicious breakfast, you will leave the hotel for your Rio Grande rafting experience.  This trip will take you west the hotel into Port Antonio then south from Port Antonio to Bery Dale.  drive time will be about forty five (45) minutes.  On arrival at the rafting station in Berry Dale, your raft-ride will be processed then you willbe onyour way to an exciting two (2) hour raft-ride down river

You will stop half-way down the river for lunch.  At this spectacular lunch spot, there is a marvelous natural pool for swimming.  This you can do before or after lunch.  After a finger-licking meal of Jamaican cuisine quenched with Red Stripe beer, you willboard your raft for the remainder of your trip down-river.  On arrival at the end, you will have somtime for recess before continuing to the hotel. 
(fifth night)

Six Day

After an exciting previous day, today after breakfast, we will leave the hotel and travel east to Reich Falls.  This historical area, is known by persons from all over the World who have managed to visit this part of Jamaica.  On arrival at Reich Falls, you will have time for access processing, use the restroom then off to our Medicinal swim in a natural pool which is cleaned by nature. 

After your mineral dip, you will leave Reich Falls for Long Bay Beach.  This two and a half (2.5) km long white-sand  beach is still in its natural state.  If you are interested in surfing, on a windy day you could have some swelling waves to ride on your surf-board.  Here you will be able to have a swim, lay on the beach then depart for Boston Bay.

At Boston Bay, you will have your lunch which will be of a variety of "jerk cuisine."  Experience pork or chicken  marinade in traditional herbs and spices for over twenty four hours then cooked on open fire.   After this recreational and educational experience, you will leave Boston Bay for your hotel.  (sixth night)

Seventh Day

After a late breakfast, today you will leave the hotel for downtown Port Antonio where you will have a highlight tour of the town, visit the craft market, purchase souvenir then go to Frenchman's Cove Beach for lunch and swimming.  At or about four (4) pm, you will be transported back to the hotel.  (seventh night) 

Eighth Day

At the end of your four nights in Port antonio, you will then be transported back to Kingston.  This route will take you forty six (46) km west of Port Antonio before turning left into the lower mountains.  Along this rout you will be stopping at the Castleton Botanical Gardens for recess and a stretch of our legs.  On arrival in Kingston, if there is enough time, you will be able to visit an attraction of your choice before continuing to the Norman Manley International Airport.


Cost for this tour package includes the following:-

  • Seven nights accommodation with seven breakfasts per person, double accupancy.
  • Seven lunches per person.
  • Seven Dinners per person.
  • All transportation for driving distances mentioned.
  • Access fees to attractions that are recomended and are listed in this package.
  • Guide fees.

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Town and Jungle Vacation. Single Person Cost.

If you are travelling as a single person and would like to do this tour privately, the cost is US$3,184.00.  Please view your two payment options below:

Town and Jungle Vacation. Per person cost for 2-10

If you are booking this vacation package as couple, or as a member of a group numbering from two (2) to ten (10) persons, the cost is, US$1,910.00 per person, "double occupancy".  If you are travelling with these persons and do not want to share room, a supplementary charge will be added to your per person charge.  Please contact us regarding your single supplement charge.  Please view your two payment options below:


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