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Seven Nights Eight Days Town and Jungle Vacation

This eco-adventure vacation package actually allow our clients to experience Jamaica's great value through eco-tourism.  As the title of this page suggest, Town and Jungle Vacation, this visitor-friendly holiday arrangement, is organized to give our clients the experience of being in the company of deep-rural residence who are small village patriots.  During this vacation, persons will also experience the lifestyle of small towns, their environments, residents, and their operations. 

This seven nights eight days vacation package was designed by Attractions Link Tourism Services to also allow visitors to experience three (3) nights in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and four (4) nights in the small unspoiled, warm and friendly resort area, Port Antonio.  While in the northern Blue Mountains, you will have the opportunity of hiking to Jamaica's highest point, the Blue Mountain Peak.  

In addition to this, you will also have the opportunity to hike to a botanical garden which is located over 5,000feet or 1,524 meters, known as Cinchona Botanical Gardens.  This leg of your vacation will also allow you to visit small coffee farm operations and learn about Blue Mountain Organic Coffee Farming, visit several natural water-falls and get acquainted with several plants, fruits and other produce of Jamaica's Fauna. 

While in Port Antonio, you will have the opportunity of visiting natural attractions such as Reich Falls, Summerset Falls, Rio Grande Valley for hiking and river rafting.  This vacation package also allows you to visit Castleton Botanical Gardens in the lower mountain range, north of Kingston.  From your arrival at the airport to your departure eight days later, you will be experiencing and enjoying the joy of peace and friendliness. 

On arrival at the airport in Kingston or Montego Bay Jamaica, you will be driven to the southern Blue Mountains,  where you will be spending your first three (3) nights, mixed with relaxation, education and exploration.  Your accommodation venue will be in a luxurious mountain lodge.  Experience and enjoy fresh Blue Mountain Coffee whenever you want while living in the middle of a coffee farm.  

Take the opportunity of relaxing or joining mountain hiking and birdwatching in various areas the large mountainous region.  From the mountains, enjoy a brilliant drive down the hills of the northern Blue Mountains.  Stop at a waterfall.  Take pictures of the various landscaped areas before experiencing northeastern Jamaica's charm and beauty, Port Antonio and its environs.  

Enjoy your comfortable and relaxing accommodation before taking off to the numerous attractions this area has to offer.  With so much fun and enjoyment, you may want to extend your stay!  You will be welcome to do so, even in another area of Jamaica.  Please, feel free to request a detailed itinerary.

Town and Jungle Life In Jamaica



Cost for this tour package includes the following:-

  • Seven nights accommodation with seven breakfasts per person, double occupancy.
  • Seven lunches per person.
  • Seven Dinners per person.
  • All transportation for driving distances mentioned.
  • Access fees to attractions that are recommended and are listed in this package.
  • Guide fees.

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Town and Jungle Vacation. Single Person Cost.

If you are travelling as a single person and would like to do this tour privately, the cost is US$3,184.00.  Please view your two payment options below:

Town and Jungle Vacation. Per person cost for 2-10

If you are booking this vacation package as couple, or as a member of a group numbering from two (2) to ten (10) persons, the cost is, US$1,910.00 per person, "double occupancy".  If you are travelling with these persons and do not want to share room, a supplementary charge will be added to your per person charge.  Please contact us regarding your single supplement charge.  Please view your two payment options below:


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